About Granny

Grandma On Dock

I live down the road from Monticello.  I have been married just once to a wonderful man who left this earth too early. He left me with 4 children and 9 beautiful grandchildren. My grandchildren are my everything now. I eat breathe and sleep grandkids. I get tired just watching them. I am lucky enough to have all four of my children living within an hour of me. This means Sundays are family day. If it is spring or summer, that means back yard fun and tasty barbecue.  If it is fall, that means football and fried chicken.  Here I will share my experiences growing up and growing old. I am hoping that someday one of my children will take this over and pass it on to one of my grandkids. If you are looking to a hold of me, you can reach me here.

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.